Wooden tray

Square Teak Wood Serving Tray, Extra Large(24 x 13 inch)
100% Teak Wood
Origin- Ethinicraft- 100% FSC certified solid Indonesian teak wood, from FSC certified sustainable plantations in Java and reclaimed wood.
Material-100% teak- a dense hardwood prized for its deep color, strength, longevity and natural water and pest repellent qualities
Design-Vintage Teak rectangular serving tray, generously sized, simple and elegant design with handles on each end
Usage-for wedding banquets, serving cheese and wine or simply display cherished items.
Teak also known as Annatto. This prized hard wood is known as the the king of trees. Along with Mahogany, Teak is appreciated worldwide as a precious and beautiful hardwood ideal for crafting exquisite furniture.An elegant and practical, yet economical kitchen tool.

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Brand: Ethnicraft(high-end solid wood furniture brand of Belgian,Manufacture in Indonesia) 

Material: 100% teak Wood 

Size: 23.6’’*13’’*2.4’’ 

Color: Natural Wood color 

Weight: 1.6kg

★Excellent source: Ethnicraft Teak wood comes from two sources: from Javanese timber reclaimed from derelict buildings and from sustainable Teak plantations. Ethnicraft works with the Indonesian government to ensure only a certain number of trees are felled each year and is committed to the replanting of trees. Both the recycled teak and plantation teak are 100% FSC certified.

★Durability: No other wood shares Teak's exceptional strength and durability. Teak is a dense hardwood with high natural oil content, thereby repelling termites and moisture. Teak will remain in good condition for a long time, resisting extreme temperatures, and is therefore a discerning investment with a style that outlives time.

★Prevent deformation :All Ethnicraft Teak wood has been kiln dried to achieve a moisture content of between 8 to 12%. Ethnicraft delivers our crafted Teak products to Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea, all of which experience extremely tough hygrometric conditions and significant seasonal variations. However thanks to our superior wood quality and production processes, our pieces continue to satisfy across the globe. 

Warm tips: As part of our mission to bring quality, elegant pieces to our clients in a sustainable manner we source from both Javanese timber reclaimed from derelict buildings and from Teak plantations, therefore in some cases there may be evidence of aging occasional natural imperfections this not a quality or production issue . Please bare this in mind when deciding if this product is suitable for you.

Package include:1*1 teak tray

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