Wooden tray

Rustic Wood Coffee Table Breakfast Tray
A multipurpose wood tray with a decorative rustic finish.
Perfect for creating a decorative centerpiece on your coffee table or dining table.
Large enough to neatly store magazines, files, or other documents in your office.
Approximate Dimensions (in inches): 15.75 L x 12 W x 2 H.

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Add rustic charm to your home or office with this unique wooden tray. The multipurpose design can be used in all sorts of ways to display your choice of decor. Use it it to create a lovely centerpiece on a coffee or dining table, or to neatly display magazines. You can also choose to set this tray in your office as a paperwork or file bin. However you choose to utilize this wood tray, it will offer a country rustic accent while also providing practical display or storage space.

Approximate Dimensions (in inches): 15.75 W X 2 H X 11.75 D

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